OG’s of Venice Beach: Episode 6 – “Showtime is Coming”

Episode 6: Showtime is Coming

OG's of Venice Beach - Episode 6

Oksana Grishina breaks out the tutu! It is looking like Ms. Olympia will now not just be choreography but performing! These IFBB Pros will hit the NPC West Coast Classic stage TONIGHT in Riverside, CA. I highly recommend getting there. Oksana will also perform her famous Michael Jackson routine that won her the 2015 Olympia. If this is your first time seeing this, you can check out earlier episodes on my feed. If you aren't close, they will be live streaming the show. If you love Oksana as much as we do, you can also see her at the Ferrigno Legacy as she brings the Oksana Grishina's OG Pole Fitness Classic to our expo!

Posted by Lou Ferrigno on Saturday, June 17, 2017

IFBB Pro Bodybuilders work with their new and demanding coach, Ms. Olympia, Oksana Grishina. Russian-born Oksana seems sweet — but make no mistake: she is stronger than most men, flexible and as any gymnast and has a vision that will not be swayed. She did not become the best in the world by compromising greatness!

Find out which strong-man can survive the Russian bombshell on the path to a performance unlike any other. Follow their journey here (or on CenterPodium.com) and catch the finally, live on June 17 from Riverside, CA at the NPC West Coast Classic.

For tickets to the live performance visit NPCWestCoast.com — or watch the free live-stream at NPCWestCoast.com/live.