SN Pro Expo in Russia

My trip to the SN Pro Expo in Russia last weekend was fantastic, and I want to thank the SAN Nutrition team for giving me the opportunity to visit with my Russian fans and friends and share my experiences with them. The time at the expo allows me to talk to them about how important proper nutrition is and how a big part of that is using only the highest quality supplements if they want to reach their goals – being there with SAN gives me the perfect opportunity to share that knowledge and show why SAN supplements are the best in the business.

As great as the previous years have been, this year’s SN Pro Expo was even bigger and more organized than I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t believe how many people came to the event in Moscow from all over Russia. It was so busy but completely worth it to spend time with Russian fans and hear about the fantastic results people had since talking to me last year at the expo. I’m so happy that people take my advice seriously and make changes to their lifestyle to achieve such great progress.

And there were so many incredibly talented Russian fitness competitors who came up to introduce themselves over the weekend that It was easy to see just how popular IFBB fitness has become in Russia. I’m so happy to be a part of that, and I can’t wait to see some of those athletes on the Olympia stage someday.

From the SN Pro Expo to Family Time in Russia

I obviously love the expo and all my fitness friends, but one of the best parts of my visits to Russia is that I get to spend time with my family in my home city. Yes, it’s bitterly cold right now, but that doesn’t take anything away from the joy I feel by bringing them some happiness. The visit is only a few days long before going back to the busy life in L.A., so I take advantage of every second I get to spend with my family. Of course, my lifestyle doesn’t really change during this time, so each day begins with my pre-workout supplements, morning cardio, and a full workout, but none of that takes anything away from our family time.

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