Preparing for the 2017 Fitness Olympia

It’s started… I’m officially preparing for the 2017 Fitness Olympia now. I’m excited to compete again, and I’m incredibly proud that I’ll be competing on the Olympia stage once again.

I’ve looked forward to and enjoyed every Olympia competition so far, but I’m especially excited this year’s 2017 Fitness Olympia because I’ll get to see my family this time. They’re coming from Russia to support me, and this will be their first time at the Olympia. I can’t begin to describe how much it means to me that I’ll be able to perform while knowing they’re in the audience supporting me.

I know this year’s competition at the 2017 Fitness Olympia will be tough to prepare for, but I’m ready. It wouldn’t be interesting without the challenge, and this promises to be very interesting. As an example, I finally got my Olympia carpet for practicing my Cyr Wheel routine. To be honest, it’s very difficult to spin on this carpet. No, I’d actually say it’s impossible, but I won’t be giving up on this routine. No way! I’m ready for the struggle.

I believe practice makes perfect, and this will take a lot of practice. In fact, if you search for Cyr Wheel performances on YouTube, you won’t find any video of spinning on a carpet. If you do happen to find one, please send it to me. LOL! I think I might be the first person to do it, but I truly believe the impossible is possible – if you work hard enough.

I want to thank all my close friends for supporting me and believing in me. I’d be doing this anyway, but with the support of my friends, it’s so much easier. And thanks to Robin Chang for helping me get hands on the Olympia carpet to make sure I can get the right practice in – I really appreciate it!

As for changes in my nutrition, I never actually stopped my diet after the last competition. Well, except for the ice cream I ate when I was in Brazil. As always, SAN supplements have helped keep me active, full of energy, and ready to work out at all times.

I’m training and preparing for my performances pretty much all the time, and I put my muscles and joints under a lot of stress, so I need all the help I can get. Glucosamine Chondroitin with MSM does the trick and keeps me feeling good so I can train through my hardest workouts and practice sessions. Omega Flax Oil keeps me strong and healthy with the organic EFAs my body needs, especially when my diet is so strict. There are many SAN products I use because they’ve proven to give me the edge I need to be at the top.

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