My Final Fitness International

What a way to wrap up my several years of competing at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. I just came off my fourth win in a row as IFBB Pro Fitness champion at the 2017 Fitness International, and this was my final Fitness International competition at the Arnold Sports Festival (Arnold Classic) in Ohio.

I have no words for how much I appreciate the support and love you’ve all given me. I want to send a huge thank you to Jim and Bob Lorimer of the Arnold Classic organization and Jim Manion, president of the IFBB/NPC, for the opportunity to live my dreams these last 10 years. I’ve been inspired to show the world how different fitness can be, and to prove that nothing is impossible when you work hard to pursue your passion. Ten years of dreams have come true for me, and now I can’t wait to help others reach their dreams.

I pushed my limits and worked my hardest on the preparation, but none of this would’ve been possible without help from all the people around me. Thanks to Tom Haynes, my manager, for taking on all of my head pain. Thank you to SAN Nutrition, my long-time sponsor, for all the support in keeping my body at its absolute best, and allowing me to consistently improve every year. A very special thanks to Boris Ivanov, my love and coach for all time, for bringing me into this sport and sacrificing everything for me. Without him, I’d never have been on stage; he’s the only one who knows just how hard this all is for me. Finally, I want to thank my family for their constant and loving support all the way from Russia. And, of course, I want to thank all my fans for following and supporting me every step of the way. I’m so blessed to be part of this and living my dreams. This would all be impossible without all of you. Gosh, I love you and will always remember all of you.

Final Fitness International, but the show must go on…

I’ll be competing at the Arnold Classic in Australia next weekend, March 17-19, 2017, and I’m excited to bring my latest and favorite performance to life on stage there. Be sure to stop by the SAN booth and say “hi” if you’ll be there.

With love,

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