Hawaiian Vacation Workout

Hello Everyone,

I finally took some time off and went to Hawaii to relax and recover and enjoy a Hawaiin vacation workout. People keep telling me it’s not a vacation if you’re still working out. I’m tired of explaining this, but I’ll tell you just one thing: when you’re in my position, you’ll understand there are no excuses! This my lifestyle and, believe it or not, I feel better when I’m working out on a set schedule, including cardio every morning. It was absolutely great to workout in a new place, at the Pacific Island Fitness Gym, on the Big Island, and find new friends. It’s an absolutely incredible, hardcore gym.

The beautiful island, beaches, and waterfalls gave me time to fully recover my mind…and that’s all I needed. Thanks to my sponsor, SAN Nutrition, for supporting me with anything my body and mind needs. Here is the list of SAN products which help with my recovery:

BCAA Pro Reloaded
Dr. Feel Good
Titanium Isolate Protein
Premium Fish Oil
Performance Creatine
Right after the Arnold Classic in Europe I started to work on my new routine. All I can tell you is that it’s freaking hard, I hope I can learn it and get it ready by the Arnold Classic in Ohio. I would love to share it on the big stage. Right now I’m in the process of learning and, as always at the beginning of that process, I suck at it! Haha! But very soon I’ll share it, and my idea, with you!

Believe in yourself, fear less, and work hard!

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